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ITPNT 24: “Are Youtube Videos Documentaries?” & Other Mysteries ft. Tyler Scruggs

January 5, 2021

Today's guest is Tyler Scruggs, a musician, writer, and recovering Weezer fan! We talk about the Warner Bros-HBO Max film distribution shakeup and why we both have mixed excited feelings about it. We also talk about whether Youtube videos qualify as documentaries, whether Twin Peaks: The Return is a film, Tyler's new LP he is sitting on and SO much more including why Tyler got semi-canceled during the 2020 Election. 

#StolenFromTwitter this week takes the “Post a Picture of Yourself and then Post a Random Note From Your Phone” to the podcast arena. Tyler Scruggs shares a hilarious potential lyric, a thoughtful Marianne Williamson quote, and the title to a Hypothetical Album - “Same Songs With a New Man.” Michael shares a note he wrote about a guest he'd like to have on the show some day. It's not weird!


We take a break from Dunkfest and focus on “Productive and not Destructive” thinking!


We end the show with the question - “What is your favorite movie trilogy?” Tyler talks about The Matrix, Bill & Ted, and Richard Linklater’s Before... trilogy and Michael talks about Godzilla, of course.




The real issue with Disney+ charging $30 for Mulan has to do with the Government & Fortnite:

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